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Jun 10, 2019

Summer is a perfect time to try new fruits and vegetables. They’re fresh, abundantly available, and typically less expensive than at other times of the year. K-State Research and Extension nutrition specialist Sandy Procter looks at summer fruits, vegetables and beverages that taste great and offer a variety...

May 6, 2019

A salad, typically served as an appetizer to the main meal, is starting to become the star of the show. In fact, consumers want restaurants to serve salads that are filling, healthy and delicious. K-State Research and Extension nutrition specialist Sandy Procter says a salad provides an easy way for us to eat...

Apr 29, 2019

May is National Barbecue Month and Kansas State University food scientist Karen Blakeslee says while there are a number of food safety concerns associated with outdoor grilling, a meat thermometer is the best defense against foodborne illness and checking for proper doneness.

Sound Living is a weekly public affairs...

Sep 19, 2017

Some planning, preparation and a slow cooker are all that’s needed to have an inexpensive, healthy dinner ready when you walk through the door after a hard day at work. A slow cooker allows a variety of soups, stews, meats, casseroles and other foods to be prepared over an extended period of time. However, there are...